Dreamers Golden kennel



The beggining 

In the year 2007, I was waiting for my third child in the Dominican Republic where I was living in that moment and I've always had the idea of having a dog how I wanted it "like in the movies" but sometimes in life there's no time to look for it. When I was in Cuba I had different breads of dogs and my love for them was pure. I only needed their love and attention on my side.
Everyday I used to see the dogs at the exibition in a place near Santo Domingo. One day everything fell into place, and Simon arrived, a 4 months old little pup full of life and love, that gave a bit of madness to our lives. 
When little Tobias was born in 2008, he was waiting for him. 
The intelligence and love from this golden touched our lives forever, he was naughty and everyone knew him for his craziness and love for the pool, not only ours but others aswell even if he wasn't invited, always Simon.
One day he got lost in Buenos Aires in seach for love, and he didn't know how to come back home, to this day we are still waiting for him. The endless beginning of love for this breed, we haven't stopped looking for him, from one side to the other and it's never Simon. 
We have been a long time with that missed love, with that pain and loss, only with the commitment of searching, and the love for the breed, we decided that even tho we can't have Simon, we can have another golden. 
BB King a little joyfull pup born on the same day as Tobias, what a coincidence! Months later he became one of us with the rest of my children in Buenos Aires. 
It was a blast of happiness in the house at hard times of our lives.
The time passed and we moved to Miami (Florida), but with the debt of the goldens, thats when Dina y Dora two lovely sisters from Sweet Friend Kennels that changed our life to this day.
From that day we decided to work at the improvement of our goldens, in the present we are searching for excellence.